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1) A rapper who sold drugs at the age of 12. He got arrested at least 3 times from police checking his stuff and finding guns and drugs crack. He is loved by many and hated by many, too. Just remember "Hate it or luv it the underdogs on top." A person who is hated by Aussies and Brits and other people who think he is a snitch but all those people dont know the hood he came from and what he did. He cant "make up" hospital and police records. THIS IS THE TRUTH. I DONT HAVE A REAL SIDE BUT EVERYBODY WHO HATES HIM SEEMS TO BE WANNABES WHO HE WILL PROBABLY CAP AT IF HE WANTS TO AND LOST BOYZ GANG WILL KILL DEY AZS OUT.

2) A gangster out of Brooklyn, NY who grew up in the projects and robbed and killed just to survive. He has been shot many times and the final time he had been shot up was in a hallway and he died in a hospital later on that day.

3) 2 quarters.
1) 50 really did sell drugs and shoot when he wasnt big. Dont take a side and just stay outta his way.

2) Yo 50 cent robbed in the 80's. Now hes dead.

3) Yo got 50 cents?
by D-Y April 27, 2007

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