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A vagina.
Bro, i fingered my girl's lovebucket last night.

Nice, dude.
by D-Stas April 12, 2010
A burger that is used to have sex with, so that it feels like a vagina.
Guy#1: Hey dude, are you hooking up with that chick tonight?

Guy#2: Nah, I'm probably just gonna stay at home and have a burgina.
by D-Stas April 12, 2010
A god of sex.
Why is that guy so awesome? All the girls want to suck his dick.

He's a De Stasio.
by D-Stas April 15, 2010
A stanky pussy.
Ooh, damn, that girl got a serious pank stank. I could smell that from across the room!
by D-Stas May 16, 2010

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