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1. A place where it is common to find a person hunched over masterbating.
2. Any area with a quiet corner, preferably in a room with fewer than 7 people.
3. Like a train station, except you masterbate there.
The other day Tom was walking down the street, and noticed an abandoned ice cream truck; there were only 2 hobos inside, so he crawled to the front seat and made it a mobile Masturbation Station!!
by D-Smoov November 30, 2006
1. An extremely popular website that highlights the not uncommon practice of sex acts involving tater tots.
2. A website designed to lure in pedophiles thinking they have found a treasure trove of "kiddy porn," only to find the site full of pictures and dramatic stories of people lusting after tater tots.
3. Toddlers addicted to sex.
George: "Have you seen the Sex Tots at sextots.info?"
Derek: "No, do you find sex with children entertaining?"
George: "No, no, dude. It's all about sex with tater tots. They have dramatic readings, good stories, and really tasteful pictures."
Derek: "Get out of my house."
by D-Smoov February 28, 2010
1. A pad made to enable people to play DDR in the comfort of their own homes.
2. Any mat put on the ground for the express purpose of masterbating upon. Usually the mat has a target designating the spot to be finished on.
3. A very sticky welcome mat.
The other day I walked in on Robert sitting on the beat pad indian style jerking the turkey.

I walked up to Judy's house, and right in front of the door was a beat pad. I sunk into it like quicksand.
by D-Smoov November 30, 2006
Releasing a large amount of fecal matter on the floor of a shower, then leaving it for someone else to discover.
"Dammit Steve, even though you turned the shower on and left it running all night, there was still crap all over the shower from last night's cleveland stever!"
by D-Smoov February 22, 2007
1. The act of balling one's hand up into a tight fist, and placing it into your partner's vagina, either vigorously or delicately. However it is usually rythmic.

2. The sensual act of ever so delicately teasing a woman lovingly, then suddenly penetrating with your entire fist. Can be quite effective when combined with suspenseful music. Make sure to wait until the climax of the song to ram your entire fist in.

3. Commonly referred to as a "hit below the waist" in boxing matches.
"Yo Derek I totally put a chick in the hospital last night!"
"Dude you didn't use roofies again did you?"
"Heck no man, I was cooterfisting!"
by D-Smoov December 04, 2006
1. One who enjoys the act of placing his/her fist in a cooter.

2. One who finds pleasure in the act of cooterfisting.
"Dude, Derek I put my hand in the palace of pleasure!"
"Oh Justin...you cooterfister."
by D-Smoov December 04, 2006

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