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A large high school located in Northern Virginia, specifically AVA. The school is known for its movie "Remeber the Titans" however the football team today is no where close to the one portrayed in the movie. On the contrary, the majority of the school is African American, which is most likely the reason for its strong, "thug" apperance. Aside from that though TC Williams remains to be a culturally diverse school, filled with many personalities and characters. It excels in basketball and occasionally lacrosse. But just don't mess with the TC Williams Titans or you'll see why they are the thuggish ruggish bones of NOVA.
Kid: Aw, we're playing TC Williams in basketball...
by D-Rex August 10, 2006
To recieve oral sex (female to male) or head.
"Man I wanna get that bop squad tonight, cause i heard she gives good head!"
by D-Rex June 08, 2006

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