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A disorder in which one has the urge to perform the act of masterbaition frequently.
Bob has an obsessive masterbaition disorder. He beat his meat 20 times in 1 day! Lets hope he didnt run out of tissues!
by D-REAL-201 March 29, 2010
The act of checking cars for unlocked car doors. The person(s) commiting the act of "car jumping" then opens the door and steals whatever is in plain sight. Then you haul ass and get away from the scene of the crime.
Me and my boy once car jumped this one car and got a gameboy SP, baseball glouve, and a wet swimsuit we dumped, thats car jumping for ya!
by D-REAL-201 April 09, 2010
The T-Rex of all dildos. The prophecy is said that such a dildo still exists to mankind today. This dildo is said to be "Harder to find than the holy grail". In order to obtain it one must join the gay mafia and pass through the initiation of sucking Satans thorny cock.
person 1: hey man wanna go find the Rectillious Dildous Maximus?

person2: Hell to the no! im not sucking no thorny cock u fag!
by D-REAL-201 March 29, 2010

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