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Verb- To lightly Crash a Car then Drive away to a drug store slowly
That Freak totaly Sunshine Moon Beamed my new Corvette.
by D-R-A-K-E November 07, 2007
Extremely amazing to a point where it is annoying
That dude's Haircut is Mctastic.
by D-R-A-K-E March 27, 2008
A short annoying Person
Jarrod is such a Hobbit.
by D-R-A-K-E April 04, 2008
Noun- An overly excited Dog.
"Calm down Mr. Sparky Biscuits!!"
"Mr. Sparky Biscuits, Don't chew my leg off"
by D-R-A-K-E March 28, 2008

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