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By far the most traditional, time-honored, and respectable means of taking one's pathetic, wretched, washed-up life, second only to Seppuku, Samuri suicide. The act entails a soon-to-be victim stealing a shotgun, placing the barrel vertically under his/her chin, and resting one's big toe on the trigger. When the individual accepts that they've certainly endured one too many winters, a simple twitch of the toe will resolve all of their issues, petty or grand.
"Aww shucks! Nibbles be outta kibbles! Best don gon don go an toe off a shotgun!"
by D-Mama June 03, 2006
1. The act of violent, brutal, and sometimes fatal fellatio that arises from a skirt willingly or unwillingly downing an astonishing quantity of cock and semen from one MASSIVE dick in a single sitting.
1. "Brianna Banks sure is choking back a donk, a healthy black donk that is, in this porno! She's gonna drown! Who cares?!"
by D-Mama June 03, 2006
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