1 definition by D-Lin, Lindauer Power, dudebro

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Doing something extremely abnormally strange.

Have unusual, hard to describe sex with.

Something very hard to describe or something that you would rather not talk about.

Takes the place of an adjective that doesn't exist or that you can't think of at the moment
"Dude bro, i was gettin so weird last night."

"Dude, i got all weird with this chick last night"

"Dude, im gettin weird"

"I'm gettin so weird dude"

"Dude, my throats all weird"

"Bro, you down to get weird tonight."

"This chick called me, but i was busy gettin weird with this other chick"

"I was gettin all weird to this dubstep the other night"
by D-Lin, Lindauer Power, dudebro December 12, 2011

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