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adj. A word meaning roughly the same thing as if one were to call something sweet, awesome, cool, chill, radical, and bitchin' all that the same time.
"I just won the lottery man!"
"Dude, that is totally splangin'!"
by D-Funk January 09, 2005
to have the traits and enchanted spirit of funk; enriched with style.
Rico Suave's fundafiably shagadelic attitude made him win over the hearts of the public
by D-funk April 18, 2005
The most rad mada facka out in this biaaaaaaatch!

Dis nigga be pimpin' on 20z.

Ownin' da hoez.

Rollin in teh cash.

And be showin up every other gangstuh out in this!
-D-pantalones is the best man ever.
-D-pantalones is the reason i exist.
-I won the Gangster of the Year award because D-Pantalones was shot. This is for my nigga.
by D-Funk November 23, 2003
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