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2 definitions by D-Dubya

Any amount of money earned above and beyond the expected. Examples: finding a $20 on the ground, winning money while gambling, buying something cheap and selling it at a higher price.

Money earned at work as part of salary or normal hourly wages would not be considered walking slicks. However, any additional money earned, such as a bonus, would be considered walking slicks.
Friend: "Last night I won $1000 at the casino"

Me: "Oooohh, nice... walkin slicks"

Friend (Nodding): "Yeeaaahhhhh..."
by D-Dubya February 09, 2010
A slang term for money, most commonly used to describe cash.
Before we hit the rub & tug, I need to stop at the ATM and pull out some slicks.
by D-Dubya February 09, 2010