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11 definitions by D-Bruch

Maaan, I would hit the titty joint with you guys, but I already spent that fat wad of Scrooge McDuck Paper.
by D-Bruch November 06, 2006
55 13
To raise up or leave.
Me and my mans about to levitate - Mos Def
by D-Bruch November 07, 2006
43 5
To put a wrinkle in time means to take the meanest shit ever. Its mass is so huge, time itself bends.
Holy shit, I ate 2 mondo burritos today. I gotta go put a wrinkle in time. Now.
by D-Bruch January 19, 2007
46 9
Another way to say McDonalds.
Guy 1: "Hey, where you at?"
Grant Walker: "I'm over here at Dick Shmeegal's getting a Big-and-Nasty and a side of fries."
by D-Bruch December 31, 2007
39 8
To waste time. Nonsense.
We don't have time to dillyfuck up here, we have to get back soon. - A-Ray
by D-Bruch January 11, 2009
29 3
Used comparatively, is used to show: 1.) how much money is being wasted on an expensive product when it could be wisely spent on delicious Taco Bell, and 2.) shows the lack of worth of whatever you're spending the money on. Also applies to money squandered on fines, tickets, etc.
...This baby's top speed is 205 MPH and can be yours for only $300,000. "Damn, that's a lot of Taco Bell."

I got a posession charge, 3 years, 2 probation, and a $50,000 fine to the city. "Holy shit, crack is wack. That's a lot of Taco Bell."
by D-Bruch July 28, 2009
28 6
To consume small portions.
Oh, her? She's a cheap date. She eats like a bird.
by D-Bruch August 09, 2009
22 7