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2 definitions by D'metrius Fagg

When you are taking a shit and your poop submerges into the water and the water splashes into your butt hole causing great discomfort.
Damn foo I just took a dump and had a major fafuffnick attack so now my butt hole is drip-drop wet!
by D'metrius Fagg January 14, 2006
Otherwise known as "The Compton of Texas", The Woodlands is the most fuckin ghetto town ever. Don't come to The Woodlands if you are not black, period. The schools are filled with drugs and guns. There are no police in The Woodlands because they are afraid of getting shot. People sleep on matresses under the windows because there are so many drive-bys.
In The Woodlands High School, LaQuincy and Jamal got in a gun fight today at school and shot each other to deaf.

D'JaLaron came out of his house to find his 1982 El Camino sittin on cinderblocks because someone stole his spinner hub caps
by D'metrius Fagg January 14, 2006