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3 definitions by D'licious

From the root word - Magistrate
An adjective to describe any object, person or place that is mad straight.
"Christmas will be Magitite!"

"Do you like my new ribbed turtleneck sweater?"

"No, it is not Magitite."
by D'licious October 31, 2003
A man who keeps patrol of his boyfriend's asshole. Often used in Canada.
"Is that a Mountie over there in the forest?"

"No Billy, it's my Rectum Ranger"
by D'Licious January 21, 2003
Taking a shit in a bag, slicing the bag into 4 equal quadrants, and sharing the remainder with your friends.
"Jonny, how about we go chop some meat and then have a feast with all of our friends."
by D'Licious January 21, 2003