7 definitions by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn

a large congregation of black people
look at that cotton field by the buffet at kfc.
by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn March 11, 2010
Male masturbation on the go.
I was late for work so while I was driving down the highway, I was yankin' and bankin'.
by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn April 04, 2010
When a football or basketball team has an overwhelming number of African Americans playing at one time.
Hampton is gonna kick the crap out of BYU's football team because of their competitive advantage.
by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn March 17, 2010
To have had sex with a woman.
He foosed that.
by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn March 10, 2010
Fucking a really fat bitch.
When I told my friends that I fucked Bertha, they were like "Dude, that's like mounting a rhino."
by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn March 23, 2010
Male masturbation
I was pissed because my mom walked in on me while I was waxing the cheese.
by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn March 16, 2010
an extremely fat female who serves as the world's biggest "cock block".
That fat bitch Bessy interfered with my attempts to get laid, what a Berlin Wall.
by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn March 11, 2010

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