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expression used to emphatically denounce your presence at a social excursion, as if your leaving said event is an obvious given or statement of fact
Your party blows, I'm out like a fat kid playing dodgeball
by d'godfather April 20, 2003
1 sub-species of homo sapien who has lost his testicles, having been castrated by a female who now holds said nuts in a mayonaisse jar in the refridgerator.
2 piece of shit, poor excuse of a man with no nuts or friends; who once had said assets.
Look at that poor E.G.S. I wonder if he misses his balls.
by D'godfather May 05, 2003
use to refer to a once friend who has had his testicles amputated by his woman who is really a man, has lost his identity and all of his friends. Like Prince when he became a symbol, hence the reference
My friends, join me in raising your class and pouring out some of your drink for the artist who is no longer with us.
by D'godfather May 05, 2003
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