3 definitions by D'Wayne Giles

Of a nature of times past. Rarely replicated in our modern world. Folksy. Often this term is used to describe some thing or process that is not modern. However, it can also mean something that is of uncompromising quality.
Person 1: How come your contractor doesn't use a nailgun to frame? Why does he insist on using his hammer?

Person 2: I guess he's old timey.
by D'Wayne Giles July 10, 2008
A furd is a fart that feels like a turd when coming out slowly. The air pressure creates the semblance of a solid.
Holy crap, I thought I was pushing a log into my tighty whiteys, but it was just a furd.
by D'Wayne Giles March 03, 2010
Short for the latin belua manducateo. Literally meaning an eat beast or very fat person.
Did you see Bryan's date? She's a freakin' belua.

Dude, He's totally into beluas.
by D'Wayne Giles July 10, 2008

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