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6 definitions by D'BO

(n): a bitch that rats you out
(v): to rat someone out "throw a leva"
The only good leva is a dead one!
If you throw a leva I'ma shank you, pinche chavala!
by D'BO September 26, 2003
(adj): lacking respectable morals
That girl is scanless!
Smoking resin is scanless!
by D'BO October 22, 2003
(adj): stupid,lame, or scanless, especially due to smoking SHIT
We looked so shitty after being tweeked out for a week straight.
You're so shitty, I should call you Shitty McShitter.
Everyone knows that Santa Paula is a shitty ass town!
by D'BO October 22, 2003
When a guy gets a hard on in public and tucks his dick under his belt to hide it.
J. Gaydosh was flyin high at Hooter's the other night.
by D'Bo May 02, 2006
(adj): tight; fly; all bad; hard
D'BO always be gangsta leanin when she roll through da 'hood.
by D'BO September 26, 2003
(v): to be lame or annoying
School fuckin reeks!
by D'BO October 22, 2003