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Spontanious situation at the gym when a athlete forces himself to lift or obeys a command to lift weight once more just when he is totally exhausted during the performance. This method is recognised to boost muscle growth. Junior users of pakkotoisto often try to identify Seniors by drawing a invisible "P" on their palm at the gym.
vielä menee, vielä menee yks senkin ämmä
by D April 14, 2004
beat someones ass!
don't get pieced-up!
by D October 21, 2003
Something that reflects the personal attributes of being uber-zealous, random, psychologically worrying to the point of no return, discribing an action in obscene paranoia, or being murderously amusing.
He yelled that and flailed his arms in such a <i>devinly</i> manner.

"I love my bacon bits. Love them so much... Don't make me kill you... I'll stab your colon out with a metal waffle if I have to. Oompah loompahs are scary. Scary to the naked eye, that is," is a very <i>devinly</i> thing to say.
by D April 25, 2004
another word for a gun
A dog, pass me my hamma, I'm bout to get this bama!
by D March 18, 2005
Keeper of the Grove. In Warcraft III, it is a night elf intelligence hero. Has Entangle, Force of Nature, Thorns Aura, and Tranquility.
My KOTG owned his grunt with Entangle.
by d July 25, 2003
the act of being very fat and when people compare you to the whale "shamu"
That girls looks like shamu's twin.
by d April 19, 2004
a sodomy circle is when a bunch of gay guys have a orgy and they stick their dicks up the guy's (in front of them)ass at an angle so they form a circle
Wow those guys are really hardcore gay, they are doing a sodomy circle
by d February 28, 2004

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