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A type of language used by people that puts the 1st letter to the end and adds an "ay".
Itchbay ucksay my ickday=bitch suck my dick
by D November 23, 2003
The act of ramming ones knee directly into the asshole of the victim.
"Hey man, you ever been fucked by an elephant? *BAM* you have now!"
by D April 11, 2004
Abbreviation for "mushroom." Generally used in the narcotic sense.
Dude! These shrooms are fucking AWESOME!!
by D February 13, 2003
the breasts of woman used as a location to drop skeet
Check out the skeet slopes on that girl! They must be fake.
by D August 26, 2004
Derogatory description of male anatomy, based on Apple's portable music player which is small and white.
No, I wouldn't sleep with him again, he's IPod in the pants.
by D November 16, 2003
Spontanious situation at the gym when a athlete forces himself to lift or obeys a command to lift weight once more just when he is totally exhausted during the performance. This method is recognised to boost muscle growth. Junior users of pakkotoisto often try to identify Seniors by drawing a invisible "P" on their palm at the gym.
vielä menee, vielä menee yks senkin ämmä
by D April 14, 2004
The most commonly used word between stoners.
"Here man." while passing a peice in a circle.
by D November 14, 2003

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