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to get totally scammed or taken advantage of
Holy shit, it's ten bucks to get into the new Tomb Raider movie? What a total assrape.
Your boss jypped you overtime? Holy assrape.
by d July 27, 2003
A girl usually of a teenage age , that hangs out at skateparks and dresses like a skater but doesnt actually do anything but watch and giggle and genrally act like promiscuous little hussy fukker , which is good. i guess.
'' i heard jeff nailed one of those skateboard betties''
Who hasnt , that one likes fruit booters the best though .
by D July 24, 2004
1)A small gurl.
2)Pictures are no longer sumtin 2 help u remember the past wit her, but sumtin to make you wonder wat crime she has commited
3)Going out wit her future hubby
4)Looks like a lion when sleepin
5)See attitude
"(tilts head and looks through top of glasses)No hunny!"
by D February 05, 2004
a worthless yet admirable person who can drink everynight and still pull good grades in college or act as a normal person in a work environment.
that bitch drinks every f'n night and made a better grade than me on the test.

i saw that douche torn up last night and today he acts like mr. super employee. wtf?
by d March 30, 2005
Generally used to designate a poorly drawn smiley in MSN messenger that may or may not look like a fly. In reference to a Jack Handey Deep Thought that ended with "That alien!", but written in english shitty enough to make you invert singular and plural and put the letter D instead of the "th" sound.
MikeK: Mans! Loks at my nwew smilyeS!

D: Shoot!

MikeK: <shitty smiley>

D: whtat the fkucs is that supposeded to be?! it looks like a fruit flies or smomethinigs!11

MikeK: Dat Flies
by D June 01, 2004
A person with a high political standing, but not necessarily power. In most democracies, presidents are elected to the position.

A notable example where the president is not elected is the United States of America (as of 2003).
And... I thought the president should be elected in this democracy of ours... but, well. It almost seems like the Soviet Union all over again.
by D November 24, 2003
A type of language used by people that puts the 1st letter to the end and adds an "ay".
Itchbay ucksay my ickday=bitch suck my dick
by D November 23, 2003
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