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207 definitions by D

When 2 persons think of the same thing at the same time like 10-15 times in a row.
<D> Man, we just thought about the same thing at the same time for like, 10-15 times in a row!

<MikeK> Psychic Bukkake!!!111

<D> RoFtLEZ!11!!!11
by D June 23, 2004
81 6
having been born liking either males or females. Sexuality encompasses being gay, bi, straight, lesbian, transsexual, or transgendered. Sexuality is the drive designed in humans to what they are attracted to. Most people mistake the word lifestyle for sexuality which is why there is ignorance in our country.
my sexuality is gay
by D December 11, 2003
123 54
1) A rap song sung by the Terror Squad.
2) A command exclaiming to perform the act of leaning back.
Said my niggas don't dance,
we just pull up the pants and,
Do the Roc-away.
Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.
by D August 12, 2004
86 18
To download without giving anything in return, esp. a huge file. To suck (bandwidth) dry, as a leech would.

Also: 'leech-light' - the HD activity light when on 'full'.
I'm leeching a movie from this guy.

Getting a good rate - my leech-light is on solid!
by D December 12, 2003
74 9
Toilet in Ireland. Usually the gent's toilet. Usually covered in piss maybe with a shite in the urinal. Accompanied by humerous and often informative grafitti.
Great stories on the walls in the Jacks! I've piss up to my knees though.
by D November 10, 2003
110 46
1) a highschool in highland park
2) a public school where rich white suburban school gather to prepare for their acceptance to SMU
3) the highest concentration of hot blonde girls in skirts on the planet
yeah I go to highland park highschool... I jack off 9 times a day and play football
by d September 14, 2004
101 40
originally used for memebers of the travelling community in Ireland..now used generally (in Dublin anyway) to desscribe anti social delinquants..other expressions used in Ireland for them are scum, scumbags, skangers, scobies..
Some knacker smashed up the bus stop last night...all knackers should be sterlised...
by D August 03, 2004
100 39