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A womans lips that are plump, full, or unordinarily spongy. Lips that would feel even better than normal lips if wrapped around your penis.

dicksucking lips
Man she's got some nice cocksucking lips.
by D January 12, 2004
1. the act of seeming naive or innocent but doing a 180 in a split-second and slappin' dat white boi ass of yours anyway.
- Very similar to the usage of the term "jew him down!"
She seemed nice, but when I made a pass at her, she went Farah on me!
by D July 23, 2003
To get busted
Like " That niggaz Tory just got knocked last week"
by D May 01, 2004
1 God
2 Sexy Italian
3 Dark brown bedroom eyes
4 yummy!
also known as gspot
by D March 19, 2003
timeless beuty
i love you, you know me, im right in front of your face. i am every where and i am know where

by D December 04, 2003
biggo titties spelt switching the b's and the t's. Means big titties.
Double d cup size are considered tiggo bitties.
by D November 29, 2003
having been born liking either males or females. Sexuality encompasses being gay, bi, straight, lesbian, transsexual, or transgendered. Sexuality is the drive designed in humans to what they are attracted to. Most people mistake the word lifestyle for sexuality which is why there is ignorance in our country.
my sexuality is gay
by D December 11, 2003

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