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a slang term for oral sex
Them sluts on da corner are gettin brain
by D March 16, 2005
Young Teen Pussy, code word for hot teenage girls
WOW the beach is full of YTP!
by D August 11, 2004
If ur uber smart, ur 10% nerd
If u hang out with kids in the band, or has A.D.D. or A.D.H.D,or hangs out with his parents
rather often, or is just very very very very unpopular, or acts all weird (read: Conor McDonald, King Nerd himself) then ur 20% nerd
If you wear totally geeky clothes such as too tight plaid shirts in a bright color, uber tigh flood pants,thick glasses with duct tape on them, ur 30% nerd and if ur all of the above ur 50% nerd
Oh and if u have tons if allergies, many freckles ur 40% nerd
If you like dolls and babyish stuff or/& computers A LOT (as in Age of the Empires type computer games and those lameass websites like www.funnyjunk.com take up a lot of ur time, IMs emails etc. don't count because U actually have a social life) + all of the above ur 65% nerd
If u r afraid of being alone in a scary place or the dark ur 67% nerd
If U aren't embarassed that U act like an 8 year old/on speed when ur 12, you're 69% nerd
If u wet ur pants in gr. 3, have sexual relations with ur cousin, have crushes on nerdy nerds & all of the above ur 85% nerd
If U spend ur Friday nights having dinner with ur family ur pretty nerdy, I'd say 90% nerd
If U go to Brooke elementary ur 99% nerd
If ur all of the above ur 100% nerd
Nicky Goodwin, Conor Moore, Conor McDonald & Ajay Parmar r super nerd
Kiara Bailey & Abbi Ayers are half nerds
by d June 06, 2004
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