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207 definitions by D

Someone who is so dark black that he is almost purple causing his teeth to look very white.
That nigga' is so black, he's blurple! And look at them teeth!
by D January 17, 2004
A cool and froody guy. Shame about the assholes that think he is a great excuse to kill some people (what the fuck was the Crusades about!!?!?!?)
God: Thou Shalt Not Kill.
(six months later)....
God: I said, Thou Shalt NOT Kill, Doofus!!
by D June 17, 2004
One of the most over used and lamest of all sayings. Bears little meaning anymore. In the same outdated category as terms "dont go there" and "talk to the hand"
Jimmy:"You better watch it or I'll open up a can of Whoop ass".

Billy:"You better watch out that the year 1992 has discovered you have ventured into the future."
by d November 29, 2003
To plead the Fifth Amendment; to refuse to answer questions.
Officer Jackass: So whad'he tell ya?
Officer Douchebag: Nothin. The cocksucker just lawyered up.
by d June 03, 2004
One who does not swallow ejaculate after oral sex, but instead spits it out.
I want a swallower, not a spitter.
by D January 12, 2004
A fudamentalist Christian, devout to the point of mental retardation. A non-thinking person of Christian faith.

(See pronunciation)
"She doesn't believe in evolution because she is a Christard."
by D March 29, 2004
1. the act of seeming naive or innocent but doing a 180 in a split-second and slappin' dat white boi ass of yours anyway.
- Very similar to the usage of the term "jew him down!"
She seemed nice, but when I made a pass at her, she went Farah on me!
by D July 23, 2003