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badass shoes
check out my new kittens
by d May 01, 2004
Caek in n00bsp33k. Commonly used for...Fun...Caek is yey!1
by D November 26, 2004
it's Weed
Let's smoke some NZ
by D February 04, 2004
North American Concrete Animal
Hey Bill, feel like going to the Knicks game tonight?

No way, that place is full of NACAs
by D December 08, 2003
The act of a guy getting turned on. Referring to the dick "springing" into action.

After that Kiss from Liz I was SPRUNG!
by D March 09, 2003
schnapps is a word that is meant to show excitment.

it is also pronounced snizzy when used in slang although the word itself is slang.
oh schnapps that ho is fine

ooh schnapps its johntavia
by D June 12, 2004
At my school Severus Snape is my principal and he calls people to the office so he can give them beer and knock them out and have sex with them, boy or girl.
Blub blub, BLUB!!!! BLUB!!!!
by D November 21, 2004

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