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one who does not posses either sex organ. smooth skin between is legs. no innies or outies
by D April 14, 2003
it is neha!!
your such a jonk neha
by d December 02, 2003
interjection Use “woot” whenever you feel you need a little pep in your step or bounce to your.. uhh.. ounce.
that party was awesome! haha woot.
by D March 06, 2004
#2 A wedding ring or wedding band.
Awe man, he was so hot, too bad he's got a lojack.
by D April 09, 2005
A rampant War Walrus. Parades around the world talking stupidities and starring is the cheapest movies. Examples? Plato's Run, Warriors, Gary Busey's Bulletproof, etc.
by d August 15, 2003
A form of temple prostitution. Religious bigots tend to misuse this word to mean gay anal sex. Sorry it's not. I've checked my sources and it means temple prostitution.
there was sodomy going on inside our church yesterday.
by D January 11, 2004
The act of Jerking somebody off... sexual

this one's for you Melissa!
Daniel jerked some guy off! (ewww)
by D January 15, 2005

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