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Texas Holdem Poker term when a person has a hand of a Jack and a 5.
Jack + 5 = Jackson Five = Motown...Motown never loses.
by D July 21, 2004
cool-the L bcuz l stands for loser
you are too coo
by d December 01, 2003
a term used for R-Kelly because he has so much in common with the pied piper
the pied piper back with his new song snake
by d July 31, 2003
by d July 25, 2003
a person with very insecure ways about him or herself - a scaredy cat or a square-lives by the book-and last but not least make's the supreme chosing of books over booze, nature over narcotics, and friendship with no benefits plan.

~see "momma's boy"
"Were tired of Pauls shit, we tried to set him up with those two freak ass hoes" and he said "em~No! and ran like a little girl himself" - geek nerd - then we said "yo' Paul, hit this shit man" and he said "drugs is bad for your body, I think ill be going now, and ran" - GEEK NERK - "then we tried to get to throw some dice, cause we were gonna hustle the little bitches money and kick his ass in an alley, and he said "you gambling at your age is illegal, im calling a police officer of the law on all of you" and then ran.

D-E-A-D- -G-E-A-K- -N-E-R-D-
by D February 13, 2004
Wait while it compiles at the speed of light and windows users actually do things
Compiling a linux program takes longer then a windows crash and reboot...
by D January 14, 2004
variation of chump
That guy's worse than a chump, he's a chatch.
by D September 25, 2003

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