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A broad you slept with but don't wont to admit it to anyone.
"Hey i dont mean to in your biz but did you sleep with such and such" -Hell No, that nasty b*tch!
by D February 13, 2004
Anything (even loosely) associated with sex and circus. And midgets. And clowns, of course. Interrestingly, the act of "blowing a clown" happens a lot more often than one might think.
Clown 1: Hey Midget Bob! Check out my flower *spurt of semen*

Clown 2: Hee hehe heheh eheheh ehehehe hahah ahahahah ahah

Midget Bob: Harrr... that ain't no flower! It's a penis in disguise!!!
by D July 21, 2004
Danielle= bomb.gov/cia
Danielle was the inspiration of bomb.gov/cia, courtesy anji.
by D July 14, 2004
Imitation Ray Ban sunglasses.
"Dude those are sweet Ray Bans"
"Nah they're Gay Bans. I go 'em at the flea market for 10 bucks"

See also: Joakley (Oakley), Fauxllé(Bollé) and Likely (Nike)
by D April 11, 2004
penal ejactional by use of digits. must be a british girl.
then she reached down and had me drop trou so she could preform the british wink.
by d November 20, 2003
Abbreviation for the Najamus Haiderus, a small, fuzzy, off-white rodent common to the north-eastern part of the United States. In the few decades since its discovery, the habits of this unusual creature have astonished the scientific community as it seeks to understand the peculiarities of a species bearing strange resemblances to rabbits and – interestingly enough – ferrets. Thus far, citings of Najamus Haiderus have been limited to high-density locales, usually college campuses which, given the creature’s seeming reliance on caffeinated energy sources and fondness for light and sound, is to be expected. Worth noting is the Haiderus’ routine self-imposed exile in darkness, be it the musty rooms of a library or within the fume-ridden confines of a darkroom, raising doubts as to whether there is also some genealogical link to the lemming. This practice also explains the creature’s extremely pale appearance. Besides its dependence on caffeine, Haiderus is also noted for its penchant for ice cream and (oddly) frozen burritos, all of which serve to explain this creature’s small stature and preferred habitat.
Tired and paler than usual, the small Naj shuffled across the front lawn towards the discarded coffee cup, hoping to find one last drop.
by d December 22, 2004
Texas Holdem Poker term when a person has a hand of a Jack and a 5.
Jack + 5 = Jackson Five = Motown...Motown never loses.
by D July 21, 2004

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