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a large bad coif
Man, Why did Dave go get a perm? His hair looks totally loafy.
by D July 27, 2003
The freakin' hardest, baddest ass gang ever. Incorporated to insure the downfall of rival gang, the "Shahara" , in which they did succeed in doing. Gang consists of the "4 shockas" and others below them who may be nominated. Many hand signals and anti-TKA-shahara antics involved. i.e. topshelfing and antiqueing.
"Ready to drop them draws, ready to B-3"
The B-3, the phattest gang ever, ran a mission and antiqued the crap outta Kara's car last nite.
by D October 01, 2003
acronym for Wal-Mart Football League
You hear about Elyse? I think she's getting kicked out of the WMFL
by D April 02, 2005
Is an amazing finnish band with lead singer Ville Valo. Love the album deep shadows and brilliant highlights. kicks ass. HIM is a goth band. My favorate band.
love metal
by D April 17, 2004
A broad you slept with but don't wont to admit it to anyone.
"Hey i dont mean to in your biz but did you sleep with such and such" -Hell No, that nasty b*tch!
by D February 13, 2004
a fucked up cell phone company that totally destroys the point of having a cell fone witht he direct connect feature.
Why dont u just carry a walkie talkie around instead of using that god damn nextel
by d August 16, 2004
in jackass, viva la bam and CKY. has a girlfriend jenn rivell. Parents phill and april. Has a fat arse uncle don vito. Is a brillient pro sk8er. His favorate band is HIM. brother jess in the band CKY. He is so fit!! has a 6 pack.
sexiest skater around.
by D April 17, 2004

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