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The cheapest possible meal you can buy a woman so she will sleep with you. If you play it right, you can get her to pay for her meal, give her the cookie, and tell her some smooth romantic bullcrap that she can't read her fortune until she eats at least half the cookie. Stare into her eyes deeply. Classic line + clueless chick = free sex. This usually works best on desperate ugly women.
I gave Mary a fortune cookie and told her that she couldn't read the fortune until she ate half the cookie. Oh yeah, she bought it!
by D December 03, 2003
A game that actually doesnt suck it also keep the jedi fanboys at bay
by d October 08, 2003
The opposite of verb
I'm going to sit on my ass for a little Werb.
by D November 21, 2004
thing moo of ryry in a time and space beyond this place
woah! look at those shineys, damn their everywhere, their everywhere!

is that a shiney on the ceiling?
by d September 26, 2004
A term used when one of ur homeboys or homegrls walk around lookin fucked up.
Damn trey!!who did ur edge up!! HAHA somebody fell out of da dumb tree this mornin
by D November 23, 2003
A bunch of whiney brats that think they are so cool and all knowing.They like Linkin Park.
In NYC the Lpuer's will hang around Virgin Megastore and would be loitering there all day.
by D October 14, 2003
stoped from doing something
when your talking to a girland your mom brings up something embaressing
by d August 17, 2003

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