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207 definitions by D

Something Fran Drescher says in an Old Navy commercial because she thinks it will make people want to shop at Old Navy more although what it really does is make you want to take her stupid little red toothbrush and ram it up her nostril into her skull and maybe, if you're lucky, you won't have to hear that annoying voice anymore.
Yeah and my shizzles gone fazizzle!
by D January 02, 2004
12 7
A word or phrase exemplifying triumph or excitement.
I won the game, engaah!!!!
Look mom, no cavities engaah!
by D December 25, 2003
5 0
the person who is easy and fun to talk to
kyle: furek, i love you, your beautiful blue eyes and your wonderful smiles are so important to my day
furek:shut up kyle *fur fur smiles*
by D November 17, 2003
9 4
Means that a woman is pregnant. The baby is like bread being baked in the woman/oven.
Mary has a little bun in the oven. I hope it isn't mine.
by D December 31, 2003
9 5
One who is quick to become bored.
Pick a channel and watch it already! Stop being so cybrus!
by D March 01, 2005
10 7
a group made up of 5 coo girls: jessica pester, bethany pester, alex heimann, arianna klener, and daryl seitchik. The brotherhood began when all the girls were at daryl's house and they tried on a pair of pants. They seemed like your very average, ordinary, $108 jeans but they werent. They fit all 5 of the girls, no matter how big or small they were. to this day the girls are the sister of hte brotherhood of hte travling hudsons.
i love hudsons..thats why im in the brotherhood of the traveling hudsons
by d December 03, 2003
12 9
The study of trigga
Trigga- (N) usually device on gun to release bullet (n) but in this case a down ass brotha who will pull that trigga fo a jigga
"Man that boy is my trigga, i wonder how much triganometry he copin"
by D January 26, 2004
13 11