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Fudder mucker, an amusing change to mother fukker , used in contexts when its socially unacceptable to call a fellow dude a mother fucker.
in the presence of a little sister T steals Dans joint
Dan Say, Wait your turn fudder mucker
Little girl You said mother fukker im telling
Dan:No i didnt , i Said fudder mukker , however you swore and now im telling on you.
at this point the littlee sister should cryu . Highly amusing
by D July 24, 2004
the rap group of mannie fresh and baby
Did you get the new Big Tymers cd
by D March 29, 2005
a pretend bimbo; someone who likes to act like an airhead because she thinks it's cool
Amber is such a pimbo..she think I like her but she aint nuthin but a white gurl
by D October 19, 2004
The state of Most Chilling and Relaxing, usually while drinking socially with friends. Often used while intoxicated.
--We're just mochillaxen at Shanna's house--
by D November 15, 2003
A cutie teaching middle school in Japan
Doesn't that Coey have to get her picture taken on Monday?
by D October 15, 2004
Last resort on a night out. Usually the overwight girls that are last on the dance floor. Also found in kebab shops & taxi ranks.
Rhys pulled another chunk last night!
by D January 22, 2004
Something Fran Drescher says in an Old Navy commercial because she thinks it will make people want to shop at Old Navy more although what it really does is make you want to take her stupid little red toothbrush and ram it up her nostril into her skull and maybe, if you're lucky, you won't have to hear that annoying voice anymore.
Yeah and my shizzles gone fazizzle!
by D January 02, 2004

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