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A large SUV or Peoplemover that is used only on city streets in a mistaken belief that it is safer than a car or station wagon. Replaces Remuera Battletank
Ratehr than drive a simple station wagon, most suburbanites prefer something huge and permanenet 4wd like a Remuera Tractor.
by D F Stuckey July 30, 2005
Auckland term for a New Zealander born outside of Auckland
JAFA:"Where are you from?"
Other NZer:"From Wellington"
JAFA:"Really? Then where did you learn how to wear shoes, inbred?"
by D F Stuckey February 18, 2004
Slang for body compound, used in vehicle car repair.
"That car's only held together with slumgudgeon"
by D F Stuckey February 14, 2004
Points of reference for a particular task or job. Or indicators of how well someone is doing.

Based on the days when engineers tested equipment for various vehicles on benches, and had marked the bench with reference points to show how well the device performed.
The basic benchmarks here in this job include that you perform at least 90% of the tasks in each working day, and clear at least 50% of anything left from the day before.
by D F STuckey March 23, 2004
A sexual move similar to the famed Dirty Sanchez Junior but in this case, the finger that was inserted into the anus is drawn across the brows to create a unibrow rather than a moustache. Commonly used by butch lesbians in New Zealand, it is named after famed non-plucking bisexual artist Frida Kahlo.
Poor Jenny had no idea that Rhonda had slipped a Filthy Frida on her, until she walked out of the bedroom into the party again . . .
by D F Stuckey September 10, 2008
Mechanical arm, operated by remote control by mimicking the motion of a human arm.

Term invented by Robert Heinlien in the novella of the same name.
The arm on the space shuttle is a waldo.
by D F Stuckey May 26, 2004
1.A working class person, engaged in typically arduous manual labour.

2. A person, usually male, who has a violent and/or unpleasant kissing technique.
1." Harry is a ruffneck on an offshore drilling rig"

2."Steven is a real ruffneck - Tore out my damn extensions!"
by D F Stuckey February 18, 2004

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