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4 definitions by Cz hole

Object of contempt when observed travelling abroad.

American mainstream culture is so prevalent that even some of the so-called counter and sub-cultural movements are being classified as mainstream by their various counterpart sub-cultures existing elsewhere in the western world, but which are actually cool and where the scene is "not scene."

Is inadequately schooled and informed with regard to foreign languages and culture due to a public education system which is underfunded, undersupported, and UNDERCUT by a government that has no interest in presiding over an educated population, and can be considered altogether hostile to an individual's desire for self-determination. education is expensive in america. Many give up, and for others it is hard won.

Are chastised by multilingualist middle-class europeans who are upheld by exemplary state healthcare and public education systems, (which any american would be envious of if they knew any better), and who make use of their education by decrying oppression which they experience at the hands of stupid ignorant american teenagers. What is the french word for cliche? you owe me 6000 dollars.

the real "scene":
its extremist consumerism approaching absolute war, and the purest form of capitalism you'll find in the west. its kaput. meaningful existence is derived from the bombardments of pill advertisements intermingled with anti-illicit drug public service messages reminding us to remain 'Above-the-Influence' of marijuana and even indie-rock! Its exhausting simply trying to remain above the influence of 'Above-the-Influence,' when you eat it for breakfast and supper.

may wish to travel to europe and walk around, maybe because they know little about it and wish to learn more but never had the opportunity or notion to until that time. Chances are they havent been spoon fed fed multiculturalism and multilingualism from a young age young age into adulthood.

may or may not be absoutely clueless, but in having made a step onto foreign shores, they have accomplished something that a majority of young americans will never do in their lifetimes. While its not your responsibility to call them anything other than stupid, i dont see how much more globally aware and progressive doing that makes you or anyone else.
American teen2:
"Oh I'm sorry let me rephrase that question so as to make it more ambiguous."

"What is the nature of Belgium's relationship with Germany today as a result of the past century?"

"When not speaking English, do you normally speak French or pig-latin like the dutch?"
"Is there a "Belgian" language? Can Beligium even be considered a country? I mean like really?"

"Do the words 'Panzer Vorwärts!' mean anything to you?"

European douche:
"Wow is America a piece of shit or what?"

American teen2:
"Yea I'd buy that for a euro. Dick."
by Cz hole May 17, 2008
the clever art of expostulating deviant ideas and justifying deviant behavior unto an individual's uncorrupted mind, gradually corrupting that mind to an extent that is deleterious to previously held notions of right and wrong with regard to certain behavioral deviances, and advantageous in the pursuit of penetrating previously impentetrable orifices. Such orifices, having once been established, are thereafter utilized and developed, eventually becoming a common area for the accomodation of public traffic, and a commemorative plaque is awarded in honor of your achievement.
"Dude why hasn't he penetrated that gap yet it must be so velvety and fertile!"

"I know it, but the lady of the realm is still undergoing the enlightenment of the devaiansse period. It shouldn't be much longer until she sees the light."

"I hope so because there is obviously much common good in her and a potential to benefit all mankind!"
by Cz hole May 16, 2008

1. abbreviated term for bush-league.

2. not in accordance with established rules, principles, social norms, or standards; substandard.

3. showing inadequacy by contrast to other norms so as to be viewed by others as uncivilized, uncouth, and unacceptable.

4. consistent with geographically remote and isolated communal pockets of individuals in which perceptions of reality are corrupt and/or personal value systems are perverse/abominable in comparison with civilized culture.
"After losing 250 of an initial 500 dollar deposit due to normal wear and tear, ultimately the tenant could do nothing to appease the landlord's extremely bush attitude on the matter."

"These increasing gas prices are completely bush."

"Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker. And every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger. Each time I looked around, the walls moved in a little tighter."

This quote from the movie Apocalypse Now provides an excellent over-arching narrative regarding conventional military inadequacy following WW2. With regard to indigineous combative populations of the third world, (such as that encountered in vietnam by the U.S. during the 1960s), the U.S. was encountering new and completely "bush" methods for the fighting and conducting of war. Yet ironically the real bush-leaguer was the U.S., since the fight was in charlie's backyard, and charlie plays by his own rules.
by Cz hole May 16, 2008

regarding someone of the opposite sex with whom neither you nor anyone you communicate with has ever previously done so...

the act of sex with an individual so as to survey and probe areas of interest, the formation of a detailed assessment of their terrain features, and the prompt report back to headquarters with full detail.

conducting good reconnaissance is essential in the formation of strategy, proper unit cohesion, and in remaining informed about situations that may require delicate manuever supported by a competent wingman, or competency when it comes to ones own wingmanship.
"With both having become shitfaced to a point which would merit casual coitus, he soon saw that he was in a position to reconnoiter a now dripping delta which he hadnt planned on, but which it was nontheless his responsibility to do so."
by Cz hole May 16, 2008