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2 definitions by CytCyd

1. A name.
2. In Parsi meaning: Reached, full, complete; fit.
3. A character in Shahnameh (Father of Fereydoon).
4. Some say it's the name of an ancient Latin assassin.
5. Eternally eager to evolve, continuously changing.
Person: "Hi! What's your name?"
Ubtean: "Ubtean"
Person: "Sorry what?"
Ubtean: "Heh, Ub-tean...you know like upteam except replace the p with a b and the m with an n"
Person: "Uptean!"
Ubtean: -long pause- "uhm, really?!"
by CytCyd November 02, 2011
Usually a person in a relationship. It's the combination of the word baggage (stress) and control (release). When one person in the relationship uses the other person (the bagtrol) to take all their stress out on.
Person 1: "Wow did you see Joe today? he seems really depressed."
Person 2: "Yea, he's become his girlfriends bagtrol"
by CytCyd November 03, 2011