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The name of the mythical kingdom where an AOL roleplaying community resided.(circa 1995+) now it's routinely used in the context of whining about it being "dead" or saying the "good ole" days are gone. The fact is, everyone stopped playing when much better games cropped up for social outcasts to flock toward.
I used to like rhydin but it's not the same it's dead, it was cool but now it sucks whine whine waah waah
by Cyrus K April 11, 2004
A form of hello used by goths, real-life vampires, RhyDin players and other dice-chucking sadsacks. To properly use this greeting you must also be a lesbian and wear a great deal of eye-shadow.
Dark Eve to you on this cold winter night, Deathblade457.
by Cyrus K April 10, 2004
A classic 1980's punk band.
We fight to live, we live to fight, we don't give a shit, what's wrong or what's right!
by Cyrus K March 28, 2004
President of the JREF(www.randi.org) this guy makes a living debunking hoaxes and supernatural occurences. A noble cause ultimately flawed because of his hard-headedness and conspiratorial attitude.
This guy claims he can levitate pens, here comes randi...
by Cyrus K April 04, 2004

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