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As the most negative definition goes, if a person who has no moral code (except for what actually gets them in trouble legally, and even that may still be done if they can get away with it) they might be considered nihilistic. Also, a nihilistic person's moral code my stop at bros before hos, even if they are female, in which case it is usually a fellow nihilist (male) in which they are backing up. An example of this can be seen in the 1986 film "River's Edge."

If a person finds enjoyment in watching others suffer, it is possible that they could be called nihilistic. Someone who believes in the law of the jungle and their own id above all else could be said to be nihilistic.

i.e. Many of those on MTV, Comedy Central, E, other cable TV and radio stations...

Most (or at least the most visible) of those on 4-Chan's /B/, Youtube, most other websites, a typical high school...

A stereotypical spoiled and hedonistic frat boy also characterizes this one definition.

Looking out for #1, themselves, and others like them.
by Cynical-Lurker_78753 August 08, 2010

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