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1. What teenagers say when referring to Hell.

2. A building thats suppose to be meant for learning but instead is full of shallow people who you don't know who will talk behind your back and want to be all inside of your business. You'll be forced to learn crap you'll maybe never even use because you don't really care that X= Y or forensics since you don't want to be involved in none of those careers. Either way it doesn't matter in 4 years you won't see any of those idiots be cynical and keep to yourself.

3. a place in your life that suck for everyone no one ever has "4 best years in highschool" that's just bullshit you hear from your parents so they can get you out of the house faster.

4. If your excited about high school then i'm not sorry to disappoint you by the second month of high school you'll be ready to put a bullet in your head to get away from that place. If you aren't excited about high school then your smart and your ready to deal with all the problems and assholes in high school. If people in school don't like you screw them your you and you shouldn't change youself for anyone you'll be out of there in 2-4 years depending on what grade your in.
1. Person 1: I have to spend 5 more months in hell- i mean high school!

2. person 1: My second period is American government i don't give a crap about all that, its not like i want to be a politician.

Person 2: dude you have to learn it.

Person 1: Why?

Person 2: i don't know.

A senior walks by

Person 1: man i hate that guy.

Person 2: yeah he's a asshole

Person 1: yeah i never meant him but some girl told me...

The two guys gossip about the senior despite the fact that they don't know the guy personally.

3. Mother: High school was the best years of my life.

Person 1: really? i heard from dad that the 'popular kids' use to call you names and locked you in the bathroom... a few times

4. Freshmen: this place is great everyone is so nice and cool! i can't wait for this year to start.

Sophomore: dude, i'm warning you this place isn't that well the people you just talked to are the fakest ones here i suggest you stay away from them. Don't trust anyone here! watch yourself.

Freshmen: Stupid guy i just made some friends your only made because people don't talk to you.

Sophomore: i don't talk to anyone here because 90% of people are ignorant.

Freshmen: whatever i'm one of the popular kids now.

2 months later

Freshmen: what did i do wrong? people hate me and someone threw a rock at me i never even met them! and someone spread the rumor that i-

Sophomore: I don't care i warned you. Have fun with your 'problems' popular kid.
by Cynical susy January 09, 2011

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