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5 definitions by Cyco

A woman who indulges in various 'carpet capers'. A lesbian. Also see dyke, lesbo and carpet muncher.
Melissa liked to munch on rugs from time to time, although it didn't do her halitosis any good.
by Cyco December 29, 2003
a fly girl emcee...First Female Take Over Legend...sexy woman with lyrical skills and ill delivery
A common goal of many female artists is to reach Mz Jerzee's level in rhyming.
by CyCo December 15, 2003
1. Ponce, a procurer. In the UK, a pimp.
2. Someone who over-endows himself with expensive yet tasteless jewellery.
Most rap stars are fancy men.
by Cyco December 29, 2003
Hardcore-metal, characterized by intense screaming, extreme speed and grinding double bass pedals/drums (whereas if the music being played is too fast for an actual drummer, a programmable drum machine will be used).
Agoraphobic Nosebleed (Acid Grind), Napalm Death (Grind), The Locust (Wicked Spaz-Grindcore)
by Cyco December 29, 2003
A extremely horrific curse word from midevil times, as heard in Monty Python's Quest for the HOLY GRAIL (rent it if you have'nt seen it)
Knights who say Neet: NEET, NEET, you must bring me a......... SHRUBBERY!!, or i will say neet. NEEEEEEEET, NEEEEET
by Cyco August 19, 2004