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Chad, a unique constellation of attributes among men. A unicorn among men and an alacorn amongst unicorns. The most decent man, outside of my father, I have ever met. A man who has been gifted not with both hands but with all the hands an Indian deity would possess. Chad is a funny man with a quippy wit, smart and with the silver papers to prove it, he has a soul melting knee buckling eloquence, is kind and considerate as all get out, and has abs like seen in all those pictures made of Jesus. He is the man who keeps my head up and my heart strong. He saves me from myself, and has got my back when I need help. I have found a piece of myself with him. So I suppose it could be considered a self-service, on his part, how well he takes care of me. He is my safe place. And despite his absurd choices in coolness of water and color of licorice and olives he is the man of my dreams. But even better, he is the man in my life and in my heart.
Don’t be a guy the world is full of guys; be a man, be a Chad, be a unicorn.
by CutieAngelaDoll April 15, 2013
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