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Definitely. A common mis-spelling that has propagated itself virally (see "meme").
People commonly misspell definatly. I mean definitly. I mean definitely.
by Curumbor Elendil February 11, 2005
A variety of thrash (q.v.) involving odd time signatures, rapid or unpredictable tempo changes, and a generally prog (q.v.) or avant-garde structure.
Mekong Delta, Deathrow, and early Coroner were techno-thrash; early Metallica and Slayer were not.
by Curumbor Elendil February 11, 2005
A form of gothic metal involving angelic female vocals and growled male vocals.
Tristania and Theatre of Tragedy are classics in the Beauty and the Beast genre.
by Curumbor Elendil February 11, 2005
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