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3. Definitions 1 and 2 are largely accurate, but require a critical revision: as mentioned in definition #1, this is a beverage particularly popular on Midwestern U.S. college campuses. What gives it that special oomph -- what puts the wap in wapatuli -- is the introduction of 190 proof (95%) Everclear grain alcohol into the mix.

It also helps to know someone with access to an industrial-sized dishwasher, such as can be found in many campus cafateria kitchens, that can accomodate the garbage can/punch bowl. The foregoing information was had by experience, University of Wisconsin-Madison, circa 1973.
That wapatuli sure sneaks up on a guy.
#wapatooley #wapatooly #wapatuli #wapatoolie #wapatuly
by Curtiss203 June 11, 2009
similar to "crack wise" from an earlier era, except that where one who cracks wise is at most sarcastic and disrespectful (and may be just funnin' in genuine good humor), one who breaks bad has escalated to being combative, belligerent, or threatening; while not excluded, there need be no humor, attempted humor, or affected humor involved when a person breaks bad, again by contrast to cracking wise.
"Joe was talking shit to Ted, and it actually was kinda funny, but then Ted broke bad and started gettin' up in Joe's face. For a little bit, I thought they were maybe going to really mix it up."

"Don't break bad with me, motherfucker."
#break bad #broke bad #breaking bad #in one's face #in one's grill
by Curtiss203 August 31, 2009
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