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The act of taking negotiations to the brink of disaster in order to accomplish your goal. Normally used in sales processes, contract negotiations, behavior of children, and war.
Her brinksmanship was brilliant in threatening to run away if I didn't let her date that guy.

I used stellar brinksmanship in making the customer change his purchase order, by threatening to walk away from the half million dollar deal.

The leaders of North Korea and Iran are honing their brinksmanship skills by playing world politics like puppet masters.
by Curtis Rock July 19, 2006
Noun. - One who claims to be a scholar, but is really a slacker, because they don't do their research or come to the wrong conclusions.
The historians who rate George W. Bush the worst U.S. president in history claim to be scholars, but they are really slochars.
by Curtis Rock April 25, 2006
A pleasure point for a man that normally is located in or around a garage, where he can collect, admire, maintain, and store man toys and power tools, and keep his favorite cold beverage.
My garagenous zone has been enlarged by a new jet ski. Honey, I'll be in the garagenous zone! Get me another brewski from the garagenous zone.
by Curtis Rock May 28, 2008

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