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Synonymous with "You can't stop my shine."
Try to out-do me will you? When are you going to learn, you can't toe-tag the swag?
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
A rare, obscure, or dead language; a portmanteau of "encrypt," "in crypt," and "diction."
Koro, Latin, and Pig Latin are all examples of incryptions.
by Curtis X Meyer December 06, 2010
(Pronounced "braw-dam," "brad-am," "brad-em," or "braw-dum.")

n. or v. - Describes a persona of questionable sanity or intelligence; comes from abbreviation of "brain damage."
You bought that coat at full price? What, are you bradam or something?

Who's got the weed? I'm ready to get bradam.
by Curtis X Meyer December 06, 2010
1. Decaying organic matter at the bottom of a forest.

2. A slang term for buttocks.

3. The less attractive companion of an attractive woman that threatens to cockblock any man who wishes to chat up and / or flirt with said beauty; stands for "Designated Ugly / Fat Friend."
I almost got her number, but her duff pulled her to the dancefloor.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
Female agenda, implying control over men via attempts through feminization of masculine traits or sexual cunning.
I can tell she has a vagenda to steal my money and take over my company, but damn it, the sex is so good.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
Anal sex; A subtle jab at the Official Scrabble Dictionary's homophobic definition of "Sodomy" as "unnatural sex."
Why don't we put away the boardgames and go play Scrabble?
by curtis X Meyer November 20, 2010
In slam poetry, the strategy of overwhelming your opposing team with group-pieces, allowing individuals poets to take stage multiple times, thus creating bias and favoritism from the judges' end towards particualr poets; name comes from the Full-Court Press used in basketball.
Man, Team Albuquerque used The Press to bring up their best poet three times and it was over.
by Curtis X Meyer November 20, 2010
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