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What is Skyrim? It is the Wagnerian RPG glory of standing atop High Hrothgar, fully cleansed of all annoying friends, family, relationships and other such weaknesses. Only men (and women) with nerdsome beards can taste such liberation from the Empire! Forget that lame "reality" you flounder in - For now the dragons shall be your friends! But not the Thalmor, as they totally hate you.
When Morrowind got covered in radioactive ash, I decided to sell my Gaur farm and move to Skyrim. Now I hang out in the slums of New Gnisis!
by Curt Sibling December 12, 2011
A dusty world of alien experiences, among the Dark Elves...where tiresome irritants like friends, family, and reality are hardly even relevant. A true Morrowind player will ignore pests like spouses and parents, who do not understand who vital it is to be named the Nerevarine!
"My girlfriend moaned about Morrowind, so I dumped her for sexy Ranis at the Mage Guild."
by Curt Sibling December 17, 2007
An evil, artificial god of the unholy Sixth House in the fantasy computer game, Morrowind. He commands an apocalyptic legion of diseased Lovecraftian freaks and fanatical possessed followers. Dagoth Ur also lives in a volcano and is clad only in a large gold mask and kinky loin cloth.
"Dagoth Ur would far rather have you as a friend than as an enemy."
by Curt Sibling September 17, 2007
A classic turn-based strategy game created by Sid Meier. Endorsed by world leaders like Vlad Putin, George Bush and Saddam. Still modded and played by a small, Illuminati-like online cabal. True believers consider CIV2 the best of the series. Back in the glory days, CIV2 was as infamous as Morrowind for robbing players of whole days, weeks and months of their lives.
Civilization II player's chant: "Just...One...More...Turn!"
by Curt Sibling February 25, 2010
Definitive state-of-the-art Heavy Metal band. Created to mock Metallica. A task they excelled at.
Enjoyed glory in the late 80s and early 90s. Now sadly turned into a bored, heavily-merchandised,
mega-nostalgia-regurgitation machine. Megadeth is infamously headed by the excruciatingly haughty
born-again Christian, Dave Mustaine. A man who rivals Kilroy Silk for foot-in-mouth antics.
"It's time for snapping some neck! Slashing, thrashing to Megadeth!"
by Curt Sibling September 09, 2008
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