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A crazy mother fucker.
Did you see Franco at the bar the other night?

Yeah, he glassed a punter. He's a total Jungle Cat.
by Curry Sanchez November 15, 2010
The sexual act of wrapping a erect penis in curry coated ham slices, then inserting the ham covered cock into an unsuspecting brown eye
Did you see Jimmy last night?
Yea he was giving his girlfriend a Bombay Corndog
by Curry Sanchez June 22, 2010
The sexual act of shitting into a garbage bag, placing it in a hole for several months, excavating it, then dumping it on your partners head, whilst performing oral sex.
Dude, your girlfriend smells really bad today. Yeah I brought the old Beijing Tophat out last night.
by Curry Sanchez June 27, 2010
The combination of a Bombay Corndog, and a Dirty Sanchez.
Dude did you see Jimmy after the party last night?

Yea he finished his girlfriend off with a Curry Sanchez
by Curry Sanchez September 14, 2010

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