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A small town with absolutly nothing to do at all. The majority of the girls are skanks and the majority of the guys are shallow immature butt holes. The only thing to do around here is smoke loads of pot and once you get busted by the cops they have to call for like 20 cars of back up. Then you have all the dumb people that get drunk every weekend have sex and contract gonarea. Every rumor gets around the whole town since its so small. The mexicans think they are the shit with their gangs, taging, drugs, and having sex with any living thing with a penis and or vagina. All the mexicans just yell at eachother "ay cochina!!" seriously shut up! unfortunatly im stuck in this hell hole for awhile at least im not in the class of 2012 and down. They all have stds..no joke
Moorpark haha what a joke
#people #moorpark #gangs #sex #skanks
by Curious Breanne August 17, 2009
a black persons clitoris.
The act of clitoring a nigoris
#black #person #body part #life #love
by Curious Breanne August 17, 2009
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