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5 definitions by CupricCow

The ability to endure harsh weather conditions after taking a long hot shower. Esp. cold.
Mike: Damn! Where's your jacket? It's like 20 below out here!

Jim: No problems bro, I've got shower power.

Mike: Oh, I was wondering why your hair was frozen!
by CupricCow February 03, 2012
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Verb: to dodge a safety representative on a worksite, esp in the instance of knowingly violating safety policy.
Jessica: "Safety Dan is coming! Where is your hard hat?"

Tim: "Shit, I'm gonna have to do a safety dodge!"

Jessica: "Quick, hide in this dumpster for an undisclosed period of time."

Tim: "Good thinkin!"
by CupricCow October 09, 2011
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The occurrence of kicking a person or inanimate object that has been named or deemed awesome

Dude Barney, you're so awesome! -kick-
by CupricCow May 06, 2011
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An instance involving an authoritative figure's arrival mid-word. Saying kickass can be diverted into kickawesome to prevent the use of profanity.
This happy meal is so kickas-- kickawesome! Hi grandma! I didn't see you there!
by CupricCow May 06, 2011
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A situation where a spectacular event has occurred without any instance of physical violence (thus eliminating kickass)
Had a kickawesome time with Ghandi last week!
by CupricCow May 06, 2011
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