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63 definitions by Cupcke27

1.Exceptional valor, bravery, or ability in sexual intercourse.

2.Exceptional or superior ability, skill, or strength to fuck.

3.An epic fucking ability
Mate,his sexprowess directs women to him like a magnet.His skills surpass even the most experienced porn stars.
by Cupcke27 September 26, 2011
1. Dying during oral sex.Fatal blowjob/fellatio/dick suck

2. When she is slowly massaging your balls with one hand and moving the other gentle hand up and down your penis while slowly sucking the head of your penis ever so lightly and swirls her tongue around the tip and you cum when she deep throats you till the point she chokes and dies

3 .The reason you sometimes have to use condoms

4. Dick sucking that leads to a fatality (if only Mortal Kombat had a fatality like that).
Guy 1: Never again will i get a blow job before i have my 1st night with my bride.Cannot believe it ended in a sucktality on her side

Old guy:Serves my wife right for cheating on me.She truely deserved that sucktality.

Guy 2:man, that blowjob was sooo good that i feel bad that i performed a sucktality on her.
by Cupcke27 September 29, 2011
1.The first time an individual confesses his love to another individual.The first articulation of that warm and sweet feeling called love.Usually lost when a person meets his or her first love.

Wanker: that mutha fckin cock sucker just lost his iloveyouginity as soon as he met her.

porno freak: huh, to who ?

Wanker: he lost it to that dancing whore across the street .
by Cupcke27 September 29, 2011
A dick of enormous size to an astonishing degree.The ultimate weapon that can overpower even the hardest women to satisfy.No matter what situation you are in you can always walk in saying 'Hakuna matata' with that weapon of destruction or satisfaction.Use it with care and may its force satisfy her.
Guy: When i was young god gave me a choice between colossal cock or a good memory.But honestly i cannot remember which one i picked.

Girl: Holy rooster how much of force can that colossal cock deliver ???
by Cupcke27 November 21, 2010
1. A Guan Dao, Kwan Dao, or Kuan Tao is a type of Chinese pole weapon that is currently used in some forms of Chinese martial arts. In Chinese it is properly called a 偃月刀 yan yue dao ("reclining moon blade")

2.The weapon used by Seong Mi-na in Soul Calibur
Jack:*points at a blond* Dude, i impailed that MILF over there last nite ..it was so awesome i am still cumming in my pants thinking about it.

John: ┌∩┐ ►_◄ ┌∩┐ ..That lady there is my mom !!! *impales Jack with a Guan Dao*
by Cupcke27 October 01, 2011
1. Proof that knowledge is power !

2. In dept education on philosophy of sexual ecstasy( to Not to be confused with the average sex education.This is the teachings of the holy bible of love (Kamasutra) and the Tantric arts.

3. The magic that can turn a penis into the mightiest sword

4. A reason for you to get your morning exercise on bed

4.The reason i am getting laid and you are not

5. Knowledge that can evoke passion that burns like a 1000 suns

6. The reason your dad still has his spark

7. Passionate for both just cannot get any better than this !

8. The best way to taste a piece of heaven on earth

9. The best way to achieve a Dayagasm (ultimate orgasm)
Master Yoda:Master the art sexducation and get laid again i will.

The Sith: it reveals a hidden side of the force.

Guy 1: i got 6 packs through having longer and more frequent sex after earning a PhD in sexducation.

Grandpa: yeah ! i am young again :D

Lady: i used to have 5 meals a day but now i have 5 males a day
by Cupcke27 September 29, 2011
1. To convey an expression of awesomeness,epicness or uberness.

2. A spectacular fuck.

3. A lay so epic/uber/awesome/ultimate/super that the orgasm you get is just mother fucking ecstasy.

4. A super fuck that may break your bed
Dude ,she was a great catch but sex with her sister was motherfucking fucktaculous !!!
by Cupcke27 May 27, 2011