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the act of giving a rimjob while watching tosh.0
During tosh.0, Sharon began toshing her boyfriend
by Cupcake Sally March 23, 2010
the act of cumming into some cool whip, mixing it together, and then let your girlfriend eat it off your dick
after i was done mixing, my girlfriend got a big mouthful of cumwhip
by Cupcake Sally April 12, 2010
much like drilling for oil, when you shit, you usually hit gas before you get to what you want
since he had to go, jason decided to do some shitdrilling.
by Cupcake Sally April 28, 2010
After emptying a bottle of hot sauce into the vagina, the act of queefing out the sauce into their partners mouth.
While on her period, Sandra's vagina chili sauce had a particularly potent flavor in Percy's mouth.
by Cupcake Sally January 03, 2012
The act of putting off doing your taxes by masturbating
My constant, excessive taxurbation has forced me to file for an extension.
by Cupcake Sally November 21, 2011
once two people have "docked", the act of a third party licking the connection site of the two uncircumcised dicks
Last night, once larry and stan docked, clarence docklicked 'em both really good
by Cupcake Sally October 30, 2011
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